- SÖLT -

Photographers walk a tightrope between reality and artifice. On the one hand, photography is the
immediate documentation of life as it is lived and, on the other hand, a complicated, chemical
process of transferring light to a surface through the medium of lenses and technical equipment.
Daníel’s prints address this contradiction by showing us how reality and representation are really
two sides of the same coin. He has used the hot water that gushes from Iceland’s geothermal springs
(the iconic representation of the country’s wild and unstable nature) and transforms it into an
exploration of light and color, as it can only be captured through the medium of photography. As
the mineral-rich water evaporates on plates of glass, it leaves behind a residue of salts and inorganic
compounds. Daníel then projects light (white or colored by filters) through these plates and
photographs it. The result is an abstract image, a delicate gradation of hues that is part pure light,
part concrete reality.

- Jón Proppé

Installation view / 100 x 100 cm

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